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Harajuku shopping – Create Your Own Style

Go Harajuku is your online store where you are offered a wide selection of Japanese street fashion known as Harajuku. We’ve got all sorts of models for Harajuku shopping –clothes, bags and accessories fitting every taste. The great variety of our collection will allow you to create your own style that reflects your inner world, your thoughts and feelings. Express your individuality with unique dresses, leggings, jewelry and other clothes. Feel free to combine different items and follow your intuition.

The Harajuku style was born out of the influence of western fashion. Soon after the WWII, Harajuku district in Tokyo was mostly occupied with American soldiers, and the place became the center of western culture. Nowadays Harajuku street fashion embraces various subcultures including Lolita, gyaru and ganguro, kogal and others. Though they have their differences, it is the rebellious spirit and desire for beauty their they share. Among Harajuku styles, you will see bright colors and dark gloomy tones, short mini-skirts and long classical dresses (seemingly out of fashion long ago). This fashion gives much freedom to create.

Our web store offers you a great opportunity for Harajuku shopping online. You will find here various models of shoes, socks, hoodies, T-shirts and other clothes for men and women. We also offer a wide selection of bags and accessories to complete your image. Our customers will be happy to know that our shop has frequent promotions and sales which, together with the high quality of our products, make shopping at Go Harajuku a pleasant experience. Pick various models to combine them into your unique style!

Harajuku fashion is a very vivid and bright style. Some people manage to create costumes as elegant as the ones you see in theaters and movies. Japanese street fashion is a way to discover the spirit of freedom and appetite for life in your soul. Enjoy Harajuku shopping with our online store.

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